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The GeneCraft project aims at developing a software that integrates a physics library and a 3D library to allow you to create, simulate and evolve virtual creatures. This project mainly consists of two parts.

The first part focuses on the development of GeneCraft Core, a library that contains all mechanisms to create, simulate and evolve virtual creatures. This part is based on a physics engine allowing the construction and simulate of the creature. Bio-inspired techniques (Augmented Neural Networks, Genetics Algorithms, etc.) are also implemented in this part to generate the behavior of the creatures and to evolve both, bodies and behavior.

The second part is a group of applications that use GeneCraft Core. The application named "Creature Viewer" is one of them. This software offers an user interface to create, modify and simulate your creatures. The "GeneCraft Worker" is another application, intended to run (accelerated) experiments without any graphical user interface. This application tries to find the best creatures according to a fitness function and a set of parameters that determine diverse constraints of the experiment.

Currently, we are two developers working on the project. This work takes place during our Bachelor project in an engineering school. Please, do not hesitate to give us your feedback. Thank for your interest and have a nice discovery.

Aurelien and Cyprien.

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Technologies used

GeneCraft is mainly based on three technologies : Qt Framwork, Bullet Physics Library and Ogre 3D.

GeneCraft also used JSON and CouchDB to respectively serialize creatures and save them into a file-based database.

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